Making Connections Abroad

Students of the Woodstock Middle School Social Studies class of 6C have been involved in working within a Learning Circle group with other schools from around the world. The theme of our group is titled, Places and Perspectives. Students have been broadening their understanding of what life is like for other students their age living in different areas. Some topics of discussion we  have focused on are cultural aspects, lifestyle, and school setting of each school participating in the circle. Each group has been responsible for publishing a group project on a theme they have chosen. Each class working in the learning circle was responsible for contributing to each group project. We had four group projects to work on so students were divided up to work on one specific project.

Schools from Ireland, Washington, New Jersey, Nepal, Russia and Canada were involved in this collaborative learning circle.

We chose to title ours, What’s Cooking?  Visit the pages above to see three group projects including: What’s Cooking?,10 Minute Walk, Tech Family, and What’s in the News?.

Welcome Packs were also sent out by schools. Check out some of the pictures of 6C opening theirs from Ireland and Seattle. Visit the page above titled, Welcome Packs