What’s Cooking

Students of the Woodstock Middle School Social Studies class of 6C have been working with other schools from around the world on getting to know their culture, lifestyle, school and surroundings better. Each group has been responsible for publishing a group project on a theme they have chosen. Each class working in the Learning Circle was responsible for contributing to each group project.

We chose to title ours, What’s Cooking? and here are the submissions we received, as well as ours.

Inver National School http://sninbhear.edublogs.org/?p=1532

Seattle University Prep  What’s Cooking in Seattle – Final Final – 2012

Teaneck New Jersey-   Paya recipe Umar

Arroz Con Pollo Edred

humanities recipies stella priscilla lilliana

Woodstock Middle School- What’s Cooking

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  1. This blog is an excellent way to find out about all the recipes and new information that the other countries said.

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